My expertise is UX design for web & mobile products. One of my top priorities when I design is to enhance user experiences and functionality of a product by creating intuitive, meaningful, and elegant design solutions. I analyze user needs and create aesthetically rich user interfaces for mobile applications and websites.

I also have professional experiences in front-end development. I designed and coded this responsive website using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap. The selected works in this website include projects in web & mobile design, graphic and print design, architecture, and short animation.

I enjoy learning new tools and skills. I am easy going, detail-oriented, and passionate about my works. Art and design has always been my passion. When I am not working on digital designs, I enjoy making ceramics and jewelry pieces for fun.
Ethnographic research, User interview, Competitive analysis, Persona & scenario, Journey mapping, Interface prototyping, Usability testing, A/B testing, Interaction flow map
Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Axure, InVision/Marvel
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery (basic), Bootstrap (basic), Responsive design, Adaptive design
AutoCAD, Luxology Modo, Rhino/V-Ray, SketchUp, 3D Printing CAD/CAM
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UX DESIGN | Evite | Messaging System

As the sole UX designer, I work with project managers to define business and user goals. I analyze existing user problems (via user testing & VOC), propose design solutions, user test to validate solutions, & provide final specs for development on the Evite iOS/ Android mobile apps & website.

Evite is an online invitation service with over 100+ million annual users. The core user groups for Evite are moms with young kids. These users tend to have busy lifestyle and often have to multi-task.

My Contribution

  • Discovery: created user journey maps & shared with key stakeholders
  • Ideation: participanted in a 5-day design sprint to brainstorm different solutions with a cross-functional team
  • Iteration: conducted usability testings to iterate and validate prototypes
  • Design: developed UX design across all platforms (website, iOS, Android) and work with UI designer on final mocks
  • Development: created final specs on all assets for development & conducted design QA to ensure design intents are met

  • Host Journey Map

    Based on user interviews & user persona, I mapped the user journey of a host planning an event or a party. Based on the user journey mapping, we identified a big user painpoint revolves around host and guest communication.

    What are we solving for?

    - Currently, most communications between hosts and guests are separated in multiple communication channels (phone, email, and text messages), making coordination inefficient and time-consuming.
    - When there are a lot of coordination between hosts and guests, the conversations can become difficult to keep track of in big groups.

    Proposed Solution

    - Evite already has the party guest list and contact information of all guests. Consolidating the communications in Evite allows hosts to coordinate with guests more effectively.
    - Built-in party-planning features (such as creating polls, broadcasting messages to individuals, etc.) can greatly facilitate and organize communication.

    User Flow Chart on Messaging

    High Fidelity Wireframes

    Results after feature release

  • Party planning-centric live messaging system is currently patent-pending.
  • New messaging system has high adoption rate due to its ease of use and convenience.